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May You Find Beauty and Joy!

To celebrate the big changes at Gourdlandia and in my life, and to bolster my confidence, I'm having a sale. Any time during the month of May, come with well-wishes starting with "May", and get 25% off your purchase!

Here are some samples, to get your pump primed:

May your gourds be thick and strong!

May the weeds wither beneath your feet.

May the powdery mildew hold off until September!

May your blades and bits and mind stay sharp.

May your guests inhale the bounty of the gourd patch, and exhale it back into the world.

May your lights shine.

You get the idea. Come with a benediction for me, leave with a nice discount and I may even throw in a seedling, if you want one.

Hope to see you in May.

May you find beauty and joy!

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