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Come Make Something Beautiful!

Special class coming up!  Graham will be teaching a class through Atlas Obscura this Spring, Gourds Gone Wild: Growing and Crafting Gourds with Gourdlandia. Four sessions, Wednesday evenings starting 4/26/23. Please join us!

Gourd Globe Light

Gourd Globe Light

Transform an ordinary cannonball gourd into a sweet glowing light! You can make any design you choose, or copy one of mine. With the LED bulb (provided), your design will shine beautifully on nearby surfaces. Glass beads can be inserted into some of the holes for a little accent color. The finished light is about 4-6″ across. This class involves drilling lots and lots of little holes! It's a noisy, dusty, fun project, not suitable for people under age 14, or those who would have difficulty with repetitive motion. The project takes 3-4 hours. $65, includes all materials and hardware.

Gourd Night Light

Night Light

Quick and easy and fun! You start with a gourd already cleaned and attached to a night light switch... all that's missing is the holes. That's where you come in. The tricky part is coming up with a design... but you can do it! This project takes 1-2 hours, and is available whenever Gourdlandia is open; no need to register (this one only). $40

Gourd Pendant Light

Pierced Pendants


Make a hanging pendant lamp for your home! Starting with a 5-6 inch round gourd, we'll stain and wax, layout a simple design, and then start drilling. This workshop is similar to the ever-popular "globe light" project.  Noisy, dusty, and very fun! Not suitable for young people or those who would have difficulty with repetitive motion. The project takes about 5 hours. $70, includes hardware, LED bulb, and everything else!

Gourd Keepsake Box

Gourd Box


We'll start with a nice thick gourd, and give it a stain and wax finish (or use one I've already stained, same price). We'll practice carving on scraps with a small power tool, and then you'll carve your design on your gourd. I'll saw along the lid line, and then you can clean the gourd innards out, and make the insides smooth. Add a knob, and voilà! A sweet box to keep something fine in. $60, includes all materials. 


Gourd Bowl with Pine Needle Rim


This elegant bowl is a classic! Starting with a raw gourd, participants will stain and wax, use hand or power saws to open it, scrape the "gourd guts", and drill holes for the rim. The last step is to sew the pine needles in place. Takes 3-4 hours. Fun and satisfying! $60, includes all materials.

Gourd Basket

Gourd Basket


A great class for learning gourd-crafting basics!  Start with a Martin House (pear-shaped) gourd, and learn to stain and wax, saw and scrape, rasp and shape. Participants will leave with a beautiful functional finished basket! $60.

Learn About Gourds

All You Can Learn


For the budding gourd artist: I'll teach you as much as I can for as long as you're willing! This is your time; focus on whatever you like! Try carving, sawing, finishing, pyrography, or a little bit of everything. Experiment with different rotary tools, find out about sources for supplies and tools... I want to share what I've learned!  $25/hour. Contact me to set up a time.

Use this form to contact me; propose a project and a date.

We'll make it happen!

Thanks! I'll be in touch with you shortly.

Gourd Workshops

Private or Group Classes

What You Need to Know

I teach classes because I enjoy working with gourds so much! I hope you will too. Unless otherwise specified, classes take place at Gourdlandia, 77 Rachel Carson Way in Ithaca.


Materials are included in the fee. Please bring an apron or clothes that you don’t mind getting stained. I have extra dust masks, and eye protection, but please bring your own if you have them.


Most classes involve power tools and hot or sharp equipment, and are geared towards adults. Please contact me before registering a young person.

If you have to cancel more than 24 hours before the class, I’ll be glad to issue a refund.

I'm very happy to teach private classes! In fact, that's how it works best these days. Get a group together, or come by yourself, and I'll make something with you!  $5 discount per person for a group of 6 or more.

Bring your buddies & some snacks. It's a party!

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