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Graham Ottoson of Gourdlandia

Hi, I'm Graham!

About Graham

I was introduced to gourd crafting several years ago, by a fellow midwife. Having dabbled in everything from stained glass to paper maché, photography, gingerbread (serious gingerbread), and more, I am happy to have found one medium that requires so many different skills. I enjoy the simple tasks of cleaning and scraping, staining and waxing, as much as designing and carving. I love my teeny jigsaw (as big as a bar of soap!), and collection of rasps and drill bits. What a gift, to find amazing raw materials in the garden!


I stopped catching babies a few years back, in part to make more time for art. I am an active member of the American Gourd Society. I’d like to thank my brother Abhai Raj for helping me get started as an artist. Uncountable thanks go to my dear sweet Otto for companionship in the gourd patch, for building me a splendid studio, and for serenading me with his tuba while I work!


It’s a fine art, to enhance something that is already perfectly  “gourdgeous.” From lamps to vases, dollhouses, nightlights and more, visitors to Gourdlandia are delighted at what can emerge from a gourd. Come enjoy the viney trellises, heavy with potential art… and if you care to try your hand at gourd crafting, let me know!

A Visit to Gourdlandia with


A Video From Flock Finger Lakes


Want to get into the weeds with the gourds? Here you can read about incredibly large gourds, the strength of tendrils, the ongoing cucumber beetle battles, and more musings of a gourd-crafter.

Hope to see you soon!

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