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Our Dream of A Giant Gourd Trellis is Coming True!
Will you help make it so?

Twelve feet wide, ten feet tall, and dripping with gourds! Mark Teece, the British Blacksmith, is building this big beautiful structure at his forge in Kirkville NY. The plan is for it to be done in time for the gourds to start climbing at the end of May (gourds just wanna have fun!).

Or Don't Donate At All...

Donators get a chance to win a lamp!

Step 1. Donate
Step 2. Guess how many seeds are in this jar - you can include your guess with your donation on either GoFundMe or Venmo (if you have already donated you can email me your guess)
Step 3. I will announce the winner who will pick the lamp of their choice!


This is Mark Teece, The British Blacksmith

When I cold called Mark to see if he wanted to make a Giant Gourd Trellis, he said yes!!! He is working on it at his forge in Kirkville, NY where he also teaches classes - check them out!


We got a Grant!

It's the Agriculinary Tourism Farm to Fork Microgrant. Many thanks to Tompkins County Convention & Visitors Bureau for promising us $2,000 for this project. 

Make a wrought iron tendril for the trellis!

We're planning a tendril making event the first weekend in June. Mark will lead participants in forging tendrils out of iron here at Gourdlandia. Stay tuned for more details!

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