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Ignore this stuff.......

This is how it works: I don't sell them, I give them away.

Note: I'll start sending seeds in late March. Envelopes received before then will be safely stored until then. Envelopes received after mid-April will be safely saved until Spring 2024!

Send me a self-addressed stamped envelope, regular business size is best, with a note saying which seeds you'd like; choose 2 or three types (see below). I'll send your envelope back with seeds! Just a few, because I want lots of people to get some. My address can be found here.

Seeds Available Spring 2024:

IMG_20210202_125956769 (3).jpg

Hawaiian Dance Mask


The top of this gourd is sometimes straight (photo on left), and sometimes rounded (right), almost like a small African Wine Kettle. In either case, they are thick and beautiful! We'll grow these on the ground this year, as we lost several when they fell from the trellis prematurely.  

Umbilical Gourd
Bushel Gourd with Tea Cup

Bushel Gourd

It's big, it's splendid, it's a bushel gourd! About a foot in diameter, with a nice little nose on the top. Each plant produces 3 or more big beautiful gourds, if treated with all due respect.

Umbilical Gourd

This is my favorite. Smaller than the bushel. I just can't get over that sweet little hook at the top, which only happens if they're grown on the ground. If they hang, the neck will be straight (see photo at right). The shell is  of medium thickness, and quite dense.


Very Nice Thick Gourd

Nice, but not particularly true. Meaning, you might get another shape, but it will definitely be nice. And probably pretty thick.

We have lots seeds from more-or-less pear-shaped gourds this year!

Gourd seed starting to germinate
Hanging gourd lamp

Dipper Gourd

Dippers are so versatile! If they hang while they grow, the weight of the ball will pull them straight. If grown on the ground, they'll have lovely graceful curves. What will you make with yours?

The balls on these dippers will be elongated, like the photo on the left.

IMG_20190716_101910231 (1).jpg

Miscellaneous Bottle Gourd

It's not an Indonesian bottle, nor is it a Chinese Bottle. It's just a random bottle gourd, with a bit of a bowling-pin shape. About 10-12" tall. You know these are not rotting, right?? The skin gets moldy as they dry.


Copper Canyon Canteen

Aka Old Reliable, in my book. Given plenty of space, this plant will produce lots of beautiful, uniform 6-8" egg-shaped gourds. Such a nice plant.

Aim for healthy dark green compact seedlings, like that happy one on the right.

Sennari Gourds, free seeds


This bountiful plant will produce dozens of little cuties! At the same time, it might attract more cucumber beetles than any other cucurbit in your garden. Trap crop? 

Gourd fairy house
Hollowed Gourds
Gourd Flower
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